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Search & WIN!

I know this has been around for a little while now and many people may already know about it, but for those of you who don’t, this can be a great way to earn rewards for doing something you probably already do on a daily basis.…search the internet!
I know there are a few different sites for this, but the one I use is Swagbucks.

Using Swagbucks is easy, you simply sign up, and the next time you need to search for something on the web, instead of going to Google, you go to Swagbucks and use their search engine.

Here are just a few of the items you can purchase with your Swagbucks:
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About once or twice a day you will randomly win between 1 and 20 Swagbucks. Accumulate enough Swagbucks, and you can trade them in for great prizes or gift certificates.
Prizes range from 450  Swagbucks for a $5 Amazon gift card to 74k Swagbucks for a Wii System w/ Wii Sports & Wii Fit.
From my experience you can expect around 1-20 swag bucks per day, which will give you about $5 in prizes per month if you are searching frequently.
You can really start to earn prizes quickly if you refer a friend to Swagbucks. Each time one of your friends win, Swagbucks will give you the same number of Swagbucks that your friend won! So if you have 10 referrals signed up and each of them is winning an average of 2 Swagbucks a day, you would earn 660 swag bucks in a month. That is enough for over $90 in prizes for spending about 5 minutes a day searching.

How accurate are the search results from Swagbucks?
Swagbucks gets its results from a combination of Google and This makes them pretty good, but I do feel like Google alone gives better results. For me, if I am just searching for something simple I use Swagbucks. If I’m doing some intensive search I still use plain old Google.
Swagbucks offers two ways to integrate its search engine into your browser. If you have Internet Explorer you can download the Swagbucks toolbar. If you have Firefox, you can easily replace the search box within Firefox to use the Swagbucks search engine. That way you don’t have to go to the Swagbucks website whenever you need to search.

My Recommendation:
Use Firefox and Google Toolbar. I am a huge fan of Google toolbar for all the nice features that it gives. I also don’t really like having any other toolbars cluttering up my browser. With Firefox I replace the browser search box with the Swagbucks search engine, and then still have the Google search box on the toolbar. That way I can use Swagbucks for most of my searching, but when I just want to use Google, I still have it there.

Tips & Tricks to earning more Swagbucks

Basic Tips
Use Swagbucks to Vist your Favorite Sites – Instead of going to your bookmarks or typing in the address of your favorite site, why not go through Swagbucks? It takes about 2 seconds longer and will help you win more.

Don’t Over-search!!– Swagbucks will only let you win about 3-4 times a day, and will very rarely let you win twice in the same hour.

Later in the day, you can come back to Swagbucks and will have a better chance of winning. According to the Swagbucks website, only your first 20 searches give you a chance to win, after that you are just wasting your time. Also,  I do know that constantly searching over and over again will not help you win more in fact it is against the rules to continually search , in hopes to gain swagbucks! So just use the Search as you normally would!

You Can Almost Always Win at Least Once a Day – I don’t remember the last time I didn’t win at least one Swagbuck in a day, and it usually happens within the first 5 searches. Additional wins are very possible, but get more and more unlikely as you continue to win. The most I have won in a single day is 4 times.

Search & Win


Sign Up Your Friends and Family!
This is the easiest way to win lots of Swagbucks. You may only win 1-20 Swagbucks a day by yourself, but with just 5 friends earning on average 2 Swagbucks a day you would earn 360 Swagbucks a month! Just think of what you could do with 50 friends signed up! I am currently earning about 25 Swagbucks a day!


Every Swagbuck account is eligible to earn 2 Swag Bucks once per day simply for viewing the NOSO. You will be presented with a series of advertisements – simply click the next offer or continue button until you reach the end. Click the link in the box where a short video plays and then lists typically two or three words. Simply write those same words in the box provided and your account is credited 2 Swagbucks.



Each day you can earn 10 points for playing the free games. Many users report problems with not receiving points; however, to be sure you receive your 10 points simply click on a game, let the advertisement play and once ended click the button to start the game. You don’t even need to play, just let the clock run out. Once it has finished. Go back to the “Earn” screen and select the games category once again. By backing completely out of this section after each game is completed, it will insure you earn 2 SB for each two games that are completed.



There is a daily poll listed under the “Earn” category that when completed will credit your account 1 Swagbuck. The poll changes daily so be sure to vote each day!

Also, please be aware that you can win Swagbucks by submitting your idea for a daily poll. For more information on the rules and regulations for submitting a poll idea, simply check out the Swagbucks Blog or subscribe to their newsletter.


Bookmark Your Searches
If you have websites that you frequent on a daily or more than daily basis, instead of bookmarking the site, bookmark the search results for the site. The easiest way to do this in Firefox is to just drag the Icon at the left of the address bar to your bookmarks toobar. You can then right click on the bookmark and hit properties to rename it to whatever you want.


Shop Online & Coupons

When you are a member of the Swagbucks website, you have the option to be awarded points for both shopping online as well as using coupons printed off through the Swagbucks website. Earning points for shopping, called “Shop to Earn” can be located on the Swagbucks website under “More” then clicking “Even More” and selecting the “Shop And Earn” module. There are literally hundreds of stores listed which you can choose to shop from and you will receive 2 Swagbucks per dollar you spend on every purchase. Please be sure to keep your confirmation email showing the date and total of your purchase and be sure to click through the website so that you are redirected to the specific shopping site you want to purchase from to insure you qualify for Swagbucks on that purchase. Typically, on average it will take up to 5 weeks for the partner to credit your account as they take into consideration any returns you might have or if by chance you were to have cancelled the order. If you are someone who does a lot of your shopping online, this is a great way to quickly earn Swagbucks and qualify for some of their amazing prizes.



In addition to the “Shop To Earn” option, you can also qualify to receive 10 Swagbucks for any coupons you print for products such as grocery items off their website and redeem at retail locations. Not only do these coupons help you to save money off the total amount of your grocery bill, you get to rack up 10 Swagbucks for each coupon. keep in mind it can take up to 5 weeks before you will receive credit for the coupons you have redeemed at a retail location.
(*hint: I usually print multiple and/or duplicate coupons from the internet.. to keep track of the ones printed from Swagbucks, I mark “SB” on the back- so I know to use those first!)


Swag Codes
At any given time, a Swag code is released for members of the Swagbucks community to locate. These codes can be found pretty much anywhere – from the Swagbucks Twitter account, their Facebook, on different parts of the Swagbucks website or even one of their partner websites. There are a lot of cheat sites out there which will easily tell you exactly what the current Swagcode is; however, if you get caught using any of these cheat sites your account could be banned and you will no longer have access to any outstanding Swagbucks you have not yet redeemed. The easiest way to determine where a Swagcode is located is by checking what’s called the Swagbucks “Swidget” shown above. Simply click on the Swagcode box and it will indicate if there is a valid swagcode being offered and where to look to find what it is.

Once you have located the Swagcode, you will need to return to the main Swagbuck homescreen and enter the code in the “Gimme” box located on the right. Be sure you are entering the code case sensitive as any variation in the letters will cause you to receive an error message that you are attemting to enter an invalid code. (check for extra spaces too!) Typically Swagcodes range from 4-12 Swagbucks each and there are days where more then more code will be offered.


Swag Mobile Android Application
Just in the past few months Swagbucks released an android based application that allowed you to pick a TV channel after downloading the application to your android device and it will just continuously play clips of movie trailors, game reviews or my favorite – the Comedy channel. You will quickly notice that depending upon which channel you select to let run on your device the amount of time it will take to earn your 100 Swagbucks per day can be significantly more time. The reason for this is because if you select the “In Theaters” channel which simply shows different movie trailers each one on average is 1-2 minutes and your score increases 20% only after each movie trailer completes. Since it will take 5 movie trailers to receive 100% and earn your first 2 Swagbucks out of the 100 per day you can receive, by selecting to watch this channel you can spend as long as 10 minutes to earn only 2 Swagbucks.

I quickly discovered (as well as the entire Swagbucks community it seems) that opting to watch the Comedy channel is a much better utilization of your time. Each comedy piece is 5-10 seconds long therefore you can earn those same 2 Swagbucks in less then a minute in comparison to the 10 minutes you would have spent if you selected to watch movie reviews.

Keep in mind at this time this application is only available for phones of tablets that run off the Android operating system so for those with an iPhone or a Windows OS phone, for now you are out of luck …  But I believe they are working on a app for iphone..
Kindle Fire made by Amazon- though it is a bit of a time consuming process, there is a way to set up this app on the Kindle Fire; therefore, allowing you to earn the 100 Swagbucks per day. If anyone needs assistance in setting up their Kindle Fire to work, just leave me a quick comment and I can provide the directions for installing the app onto the device.

Search & Win

Midnight Bucks
The Swagbucks websites runs via Pacific time. Each morning at 12:00AM PT everything resets, from the daily polls, the daily NOSO, games, new special offers as well as searches. As I have mentioned before it can take you periodically searching throughout the day to accumulate 3-4 search wins in a day on Swagbucks. That isn’t so during what everyone calls “Midnight Bucks.” For a short time, right around 12AM PT searches are opened and it is not at all unusual for people to win 2 or even 3 search wins within a matter of minutes. While this is not a guarantee and there are days where you will only have one search win, more often then not you will at least score two wins if you are still awake for Midnight Bucks.

In addition, at midnight the websites resets so if you are awake and using the site you can take the new daily poll, complete your daily NOSO, run your games for an additional 10 Swagbucks as well as complete any new offers that may be listed which I will go into much greater detail later on.


Earn On The Side
Take A Picture With Your Prize!!

This won’t get you a lot more Swagbucks, but if you email a picture of yourself with a prize that you earned off of Swagbucks to, they will award you 1 Swagbuck.


For a complete list of DO’s & DON’TS Click here>




3 Responses to “Search & WIN!”

  1. Robyn says:

    I just tried to search for the Android app but cannot seem to find it. I am using the Kindle Fire for which you said it could be tricky.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Danette L says:

      Hi Robyn!
      It is fairly simple. Follow the steps below, and feel free to contact me if you have any problems or questions!

      Go here to download the app to your kindle.

      If you cannot get it to install on your kindle directly, then follow these steps:

      Download the program/app to your computer.

      On your Kindle,
      Go to the App Store and Download a file manager (this will be similar to Windows Explorer on your computer, making it easier to find files & folders) I use File Expert by Xi’an Geek

      Go to Settings>Devices and there is a toggle to allow the installation of apps from “Unknown Sources.” That needs to be set to “On.”

      Next, connect your Kindle to your computer via USB. Your Kindle should show up under ‘My Computer’ as an extra drive.

      On your computer,
      Open Windows Explorer and browse to the folder where you saved the downloaded app.

      Copy and paste the app into Kindle drive

      File expert should automatically place it in the APPS folder on your kindle. If not repeat the steps above, but copy & paste into the ‘apps’ folder under Kindle.

      Disconnect your Kindle, and go to the apps directory. You should now see the app you moved over.

      Hint: this also works for ebooks, movies, or any other files/apps you would like to add to your Kindle Fire :)

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