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PR/Media Friendly

Media/PR Information

I am always open to reviewing new products and sharing my honest opinions and experiences with my readers.  I also publish sponsored posts incorporating my personal touch.  All PR pitches are welcome!

Product Reviews: I do not charge any fee for this service.  You simply send me a full-sized product to try.  I will research your product, use it and then write a professional, honest review about it.
I am more likely to trust a real person’s review over any other type of marketing- and I believe my readers do also.

My blog’s main areas of interest are recipes, natural/alternative healing, health and fitness, crafts, frugal living and household items, but I am open to anything that is family friendly and compliments my site.
*I also accept electronic products If you have a download, e-file, pdf, etc. or web service, I would need full access to examine and review (no trial products)

Review with giveaway: free of charge. You supply the product or service to be reviewed and submitted for a contest.  Readers love giveaways, so this is a great way to generate a lot of buzz and drive new visitors to your website. If it is a tangible product , I would need you to send it to me for review. This would be a Full-size (no samples) product, and would not be returned. If it is an electronic product (download, e-file, etc.) or web service, I would need full access to examine and review (no trial products)

A typical giveaway will last 1 to 2 weeks depending on the value of the product, but you may request a shorter or longer time frame.  You may also offer a discount code or coupon to readers who wish to purchase your products on their own.

If you choose to do a giveaway with your review:
You send me the product(s) to review.
I will test it out fully, take quality photos if applicable and/or use images from your website, and post my review on this blog with links to your website.
I will host a contest which can include options to visit your website, follow you on Facebook or twitter, etc.
The winner will be selected using Rafflecopter’s widget.

I also sign up my giveaways with various “Linky’s” & Blog Hops and multiple Giveaway promotion sites, for maximum exposure.
While the giveaway is running. I tweet the giveaway regularly to my Twitter followers and post to Facebook.
I will pick a winner via The winner would then have 48 hours to claim the prize.
Once I receive confirmation from the winner, I will forward their information to you so you can deliver their prize(s) directly to them.

Please contact me with details on what you would like to giveaway as well as specifications (whom the giveaway is open to: ie., USA only, USA and Canada, 18+, etc.).

Your sponsorship of the review and/or giveaway is fully disclosed, as I comply with all FTC blogging guidelines. I also provide a disclaimer to comply with Facebook Rules.

*Please allow 2-4 weeks for your product/service to be reviewed and posted on on my blog once it has been received. Let me know if you have time-sensitive material, or would like to upgrade to an expedited post.

Advertise On The Mystic Kitchen

Your ad will be placed on The Mystic Kitchen sidebars, which will be visible on every page.

Premium Sidebar Advertising:
Ads are placed in a premium spot at the top half of my blog in the right hand sidebar.
150 x 150: $40 for 1 month, $90 for 3 months (special!)
125 x125: $30 for 1 month; $80 for 3 months
90 x90: $20 for 1 month; $50 for 3 months

Bargain Sidebar Advertising:
Ads are placed in a spot of my choosing,  in the right or left hand sidebar- and will be continually rotated with other blog buttons.
150 x 150: $25 for 1 month, $65 for 3 months
125 x125 $15 for 1 month, $35 for 3 months
90 x90: $10 for 1 month; $20 for 3 months

Website/Blog Feature:
This option is perfect for keyword links, pictures of products, and a direct means of traffic from my readers to your website. If you would like to share a contest you are currently running, a sale or a feature this is the option for you. Your event will also be shared on Facebook and Twitter. One Time Site Feature includes: A full blog write up and review by me, a spot in our Newsletter, and posts are automatically sent to all RSS subscribers, Facebook and Twitter Followers. One Time Fee: $60

Sponsored Posts:
TMK does accept sponsored posts- however, this will be a freelance post written by me, in my own words and voicing my own opinion about your company and/or product.
Although, you may request specific images, links or keywords to be used.

The content and pricing of such posts varies; a sponsored post may, for example, discuss your company’s offerings, products, or general service. In other instances, TMK will simply embed advertisements from your company in posts which are related to your products, differentiating such advertising from sidebar or banner ads elsewhere on the site.

Paying for a sponsored post, puts the spotlight on your company and will generate tons of targeted traffic.
Every review has links back to your site. Getting links from quality blogs will increase your link popularity and will help your site rank better in the search engines. This will provide you with valuable feedback that you can use to better understand your audience and customers.
Posts are automatically sent to all RSS subscribers, Facebook and Twitter Followers

Please contact me for rates if you are interested in advertising via sponsored post.

Please note: I consider myself a blogger with integrity, and very ethical in terms of writing to my audience. I will always state that it is a ‘Sponsored Post’ and list a disclaimer. I will always research your company thoroughly, and only allow items that fit the general nature of my site. Every sponsored post I do will be in my own words and honest opinion. The benefit of this, is reaching your target audience through my site, in terms readers can relate to and they know that your product is tried & true. Your company and/or product will gain more trust, and I will not mislead my readers. Therefore, I will not accept pre-written posts for any amount of compensation.

*In the case of a negative review, I will contact you via email prior to posting and you have the option to decline the post. Any reviews posted will not be edited by the company, we reserve the right to post the review as we see fit.

à la mode:

Facebook Posts:
Share your Site, Product, Sale or Contest on our Facebook page or simply have us refer our readers to your Facebook page. Fee: $6/post

Sponsored Tweets:
Share your pre-written (pre-approved) tweet to my Twitter followers. Fee: $4/tweet

Share a specific photo or blog page through our many followers on Pinterest. Send me a link, and I will “pin” it.  Fee: $4/pin

Google Plus:
Share your Site, Product, Sale or Contest on our G+ page or simply have us refer our readers to your G+  page. Fee: $3/share

More About The Mystic Kitchen

What sets me apart from other blogs is the amount of time & detail I spend creating a thoughtful and thorough promotional post.  I tweet, share on Facebook, list the post on sweepstakes sites, and post on message boards and blog networks targeted towards your consumer demographic.   I also spend a lot of time setting up the HTML and format of your giveaway in a manner that is easy for the reader to navigate, researching appropriate keywords using Google Keyword Tools, and I have invested in the framework for my blog to make it optimized for SEO (search engine optimization, meaning more people are likely to find the post and read about your company).

I enjoy working with a variety of companies, from larger corporations to independent vendors such as etsy sellers.

Please contact me if you are interested in working together to promote your company.

The Mystic Kitchen has been on the internet since launched in 1998. In the last few years, with the rise of Social Media- we are able to expand our reach into multiple audiences.

Current stats as of 03/2015:

Facebook Followers: 5,153
Google+ 1,075 followers, 30,211 views
Twitter: 2,156 followers
Pinterest: 4,568 followers | Avg. monthly viewers 280,205
Instagram: 492 followers
Klout Score: 65
Sverve Score: 65
Tomoson Rank: 41, 93% Review Rate
RSS subscribers: 2,694
Newsletter subscribers: 4,022

Average Page Views Per month:

Visits/mo: 22,444
Unique Visitors/mo: 15,576
Pages viewed/mo: 59,754
Total Hits/mo: 225,168

*Please note that I have just recently joined Alexa. All statistics are based on a 3-month average.
Alexa Certified Traffic Ranking for

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