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Easter Crafts

I am posting this Incredible site, where you can find all kinds of recipes, tips and how-to’s on everything that involves Eggs!

Happy Easter everyone!



Try out the Egg Designer!

Design virtual eggs and send them to friends and family- you can paint it, put stamps on it- or even insert a family picture!


This one’s not for the birds…

These no-bake Easter Nest Cookies are super easy! You just need three ingredients: Chocolate chips, Crunchy chow mein noodles and some sort of candy that looks like little eggs. We used speckled Easter M&Ms, but jellybeans could work- or better yet, the speckled egg candies.  I used a little more than one bag of milk chocolate chips for each 12 ounce bag of chow mein.

Line a couple cookie sheets with parchment or wax paper. This will keep the nests from sticking. In a medium sized pan, melt the chocolate chips on the stove (medium heat), stirring so the chocolate doesn’t burn. This will only take a couple minutes. Remove from heat and add the noodles, stirring until they’re well coated.

Then use a large spoon to drop a good-sized dollop of the chocolate chow mein mixture on your lined cookie sheets. Our nests are about 4 inches across. Carefully check to make sure the mixture’s not too hot to touch, then use your fingers to shape each drop into the shape of a nest: circular with a little indent in the center.

Move on to the next nest. After you’re through forming the nests, the chocolate should still be sticky but not real warm (don’t want to melt your eggs!). Add a couple egg candies to the center of each nest. The chocolate will work like glue to hold them in. Chill them in the fridge for at least 20 minutes (we left ours overnight).

To make them into little gifts, I placed each nest in a cellophane bag tied with a ribbon.



Egg Carton Planters

Gardening is something that I really take great joy in doing. I love the peace of having just you and the earth. So I tend to start my flowers and vegetables early by starting them in the house. Using the cardboard egg cartons make perfect biodegradable seedling pots. The great thing I have found is that since they are biodegradable they can easily be separated and placed into the ground without breaking any of the established roots. Materials Needed: Bottom of cardboard egg cartons Potting soil Easy-to-grow vegetable, flower or herb seeds Instructions: Poke small hole in bottom of each egg cup (for drainage). Fill each egg cup ¾ full with potting soil. Plant a seed in each egg cup. Water, put in sunny window & continue to water when dry. Watch plants grow! (They will need to be transplanted to the garden or bigger pots when they outgrow their pots.) Make sure you have a pan or something underneath to catch any water that may drain through the egg carton.


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Happy Easter, everyone! And happy crafting!




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