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Christmas Decor

Wineglass Candleholder

















• Wineglass • Cardboard • Pencil • Scissors • Hot-glue gun • Plastic figurine • Artificial snow or kosher salt • Trim • Votive or 2’-wide pillar candle


1. Invert wineglass on cardboard. Trace around rim. Cut out circle. Glue figurine to center of circle.

2. Turn glass upright. Place 1 or 2 tablespoons of artificial snow or kosher salt in glass. Dab glue around rim of glass. Place cardboard circle on rim of glass so figurine stays inside. Glue trim to rim of glass.

3. Turn glass upside down and place candle on top.

Christmas photo Wreath
















• Corrugated cardboard box • Pencil • Scissors • Dinner plate • X-acto knife • Christmas cards • Glue dots • 2”-wide wired ribbon, 1 yard • Hot-glue gun • 3M Command picture-hanging strips


1. Make wreath form: Flatten box. Draw a circle the size of the wreath you want to make. Cut out the scissors. Draw a circle inside the circle (you can use plate as a template). Cut out with X-acto knife.

2. Lay wreath form on floor and arrange Christmas cards on top. Use glue dots to secure.

3. Tie ribbon in a bow, leaving long tendrils. Glue bow to wreath with hot-glue gun.

4. Hang wreath on wall using picture-hanging strips. Arrange tendrils, using glue dots to secure.

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  1. Ria C says:

    Those are very easy and colorful too! I love the concept of that wine glass turned into candle holder. I never even thought about that. :)

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