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Cook’n Recipe Organizer

Cook’n Recipe Organizer
Review & Giveaway

DVO Enterprises

I recently Won a Cook’n Recipe Organizer in an online contest! At first, I really had no idea what this program was all about.. I saw “recipe” and “organizer” and that was enough for me..

But little did I know, just how lucky I was! You would not believe the features on this little gem! It is the best software for recipes and/or meal planning that I have come across.. Below are some of the fabulous features for all you recipe hoarders out there~ (if you are like me, you collect a billion recipes, only to never find the one you want- or have them stuffed in an unorganized binder..somewhere….)
So, take a look and then I will tell you how you can WIN one too!

Let me just say right off the bat- calling this software a ‘recipe organizer’ does not do it justice! It is way more than an organizer;  it has the power to change the way you plan meals, cook, and shop. It’s also pretty handy for organizing recipes!

Check out the Video below to see what I mean!

Cook’n Recipe Organizer YouTube promo: (especially pay attention to my favorite part- she is using the program on her mobile phone in the store! It has her shopping list and recipe info right there! Isn’t technology grand?! I am so sending this to my husband’s phone when he forgets the list..)

Okay.. carry on..  

 (by DVO Enterprises)

Here are the awesome list of  program features:


The Easiest Way to…

Some of my favorite features-
*Printing your own family cookbook! what a great idea for the next reunion or holiday get-together!
*Capturing the recipes on the web! no more bookmarking a hundred sites that I will never go back to! This feature also includes my favorite site for finding good recipes
*And it goes without saying- the mobile feature has got to be the best thing about this program.. why? because I can plan a meal. pick out a recipe. export the shopping list for that recipe. and send it all to my phone!
Making sure you get all the ingredients for your meals is essential! How many times to you start to cook or bake something, and realize you forgot an ingredient?

Cook’n Recipe Organizer is available for PC and Mac. When you buy the program,  You can choose to download it from their website or order a CD.

This program has so many options that you may feel a little overwhelmed when you first fire it up. But don’t worry, there are plenty of help files and online video tutorials that help explain all those features to ensure you use this program to its full potential! Of course, I didn’t read or watch the help files right away, but just jumped right in and started playing! But just for your information, the videos are very helpful, and make things a whole lot easier.

Old recipe file system.

Old File System

My first objective was to organize my personal collection of recipes. I have tons of family recipes that have been passed down through generations, and other misc. recipes I personally collected over the years- carelessly scribbled on scraps of paper. The program has a menu bar at the top with all the main functions listed. I clicked the “New Recipe” tab which opened a window and allowed me to enter ingredients, measurements, and instructions. It’s pretty self explanatory and I didn’t even need the help files! Then I figured out how to create my own recipe book, and saved it there. Viola! My Grandmother’s most awesome apple pie recipe is no longer just floating around my kitchen cabinets on a scrap of paper!

I can’t wait to print out a RECIPE BOOK! yay!

New recipe file system

New File System

Not only do you have the ability to view your recipe on a user-friendly screen layout, but there are plenty of different options to print them. You can also look at the nutritional value of your recipe broken down by servings, and then create your shopping list! This allows you to create a complete dinner menu with all ingredients needed, and it even lets you check off items that you already have on hand. These guys are brilliant!

Cook'n Recipe Organizer

Cook’n Recipe Organizer- adding a recipe


Other features include exporting recipes to text or HTML format (<which will come in handy to share more of my recipes here on my site!), as well as backing up your entire recipe library. There are also other recipe books that you can import. The program even has a web search feature that allows you to search the Internet for recipes and import them right into the program!


Final thoughts:

If you do any kind of cooking that involves more than microwaving a frozen dinner or “cooking” something out of a box,  this program is a must!

Now for the chance to win one of your very own:

p.s. Here is just ONE sample of the many recipes you can have access to:

(hint: click for the recipe!)

Easy Cake Bites Recipe




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3 Responses to “Cook’n Recipe Organizer”

  1. candice says:

    what an awesome organizer.

  2. polly says:

    i like you can print a family cookbook

  3. I do not have my own personal website :( …yet

    The features I like about the recipe organizer are the idea of all my recipes being all in one place..easy to print and create a cookbook.
    I also like the fact that I can synch with my Android :)
    This is awesome and thanks for the chance to win this software.

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