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About Me

About The Mystic Kitchen:
I started The Mystic Kitchen in 1998 with a vision of selling handmade herbal products; eye pillows, healing soaps & herbal heat packs were among the first…

…Skip to the future and my growing health problems have prevented me from producing and keeping up with the demand of my products.

So, I decided to “re-vamp”  The Mystic Kitchen with informational articles on just about everything:  Recipes, Crafts, Tutorials, Digital Scrapbooking, Health, Home Decor, Relationships, Holidays, Natural Healing, Fibromyalgia, Coupons, Monetizing your Blog, Great Deals, Tips & Ideas, Giveaways, Freebies and much more!
I also decided to sell my Soap Making and Spa Recipes so you can have the knowledge at your fingertips to create your own special products & gifts!

Thanks for visiting, and if you are looking for something specific that you would like to see here let me know~



About Danette:

I Just turned 41 in July (eek!)
I am a work at home mom of 2 busy teens and a 22 year old who is currently in the Navy. I consider myself an easy-going, down-to-earth person (with neurotic tendencies) Some say they like me more after getting to know me better- I can seem “stand-offish” but that is just me being shy~

I live vicariously through the internet- after becoming disabled in 1997 (Heart Condition,  Fibromyalgia & other issues..) I run a few websites for extra income and for fun..

I reconnected with and married my best friend from high school. We have been together for almost 15 years now.  I don’t know what I would do without him! He is such a great support to me and my “ventures”  (he is also my “super-duper, know-it-all, techie/computer geek,  Macguyver“!)

Me in a few short words:

Perfectionist.. Night owl.. Eclectic.. Self-Proclaimed Chef.. Amateur Photographer.. Wannabe Artist.. Coffee Addict.. Chocoholic… I am Defiant and Contrary.  Generous and Loyal.  Outspoken and Recluse.  Shy and Passionate… Silly and Precocious.. I seem to have a Perpetual soft spot for “the underdog”. I am a Jane-of-all-trades.. and a Procrastinator at heart… who thrives in Chaos!

I love sharing the knowledge, ideas, tips and information about anything useful, unique & fun!


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